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James Streeter MSc BSc

A brief introduction from James Streeter, Founder and Director of Viridian Advisory

I am one of the first generation to have their entire career in sustainability.

I am an independent sustainability consultant with over 25 years of corporate experience working for and advising major businesses on their sustainability agenda. I specialise in simplifying the complexity of sustainability and enabling the business to focus on what matters most.

For the last 15 years I’ve worked in major global companies, driving sustainability and bringing about change in complex global matrix organisations, most recently as Director of Sustainability and Business Transformation with the global flavour company, Symrise. With my formative years in the energy and extractives industries I was immersed in risk management. More recently I have built on this by developing a value adding, opportunity focused approach in the highly complex, customer and sales focused food and beverage industry.  

Together we can! 

By engaging with leadership teams to set the strategy and collaborating with all parts of a business, the result is not only an inspired workforce but a strategy that is embedded into the fabric of the organisation.

The outcome is a self-sustaining sustainability function. 

Together Viridian’s clients work with us to leverage unique perspectives to co-create sustainable solutions that meet the needs of companies and the sections of society they serve. The viridian approach can be applied to most industries and there is significant value to be gained from cross-learning and developing complementary perspectives.


Some of my Key experience.

Through sustainability leadership roles in global businesses including Symrise, BG-Group, Hess Corporation, Bechtel and ERM, I’ve managed teams and helped organisations to:  

  • create wide reaching sustainability strategies; 
  • inspire their teams, including senior leadership, to engage in the debate and agenda;
  • develop robust sustainable solutions to address risks and opportunities;
  • understand global context of sustainability and stakeholder demands/expectations.

Other skills in:

  • engaging across the value chain with industry, government and civil society;
  • bringing about change in complex global matrix organisations; and,
  • developing governance, tools and processes that ensure sustained outcomes. 

Specific industry experience: 

  • Food and agriculture
  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining

Governance, Tools and processes:  

  • Viridian Sustainability Heatmap – to identify, prioritise and catalyse sustainability risk and opportunities
  • Viridian process to “Professionalise Sustainability” by creating a sustainability strategy and embedding it into an organisation
  • Tool to integrate environmental and social management into capital project developments
  • Authored various Environmental and Social policies, standards and guidelines for a broad range of subject matters 

Discover how sustainability can be a business opportunity